Myle Drip 2000 Puffs Disposable vape Green apple ice


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Myle Drip 2000 Puffs Disposable vape device

The all-new Myle Drip 2000 Puffs Disposable vape device. MYLE Drip Disposable is a new device shape and feel that includes best eat technology features that you alawys see form Mylevapor the new sleek bottle shaped feavice features a double mold that has a bright, glossy, colorful, smoot sleek feel to it. The bottle shaped Drip device futures a glossy,sleek exterior feel the slips easily in and out of your pocket. With a large 6ml tank which will delevar 2000 puffs, a 1.75 ohm coil gor large vapor produation and an 850mah battery. The Myle device has grow include a robust flavor that satisfies craving in a single hit. Device provides twice as many puffs almost 2000per device and 6ml of( TFN Tobacco Free NICOTINE.) This is powerful little device is ready for you all day and night.


•Green Apple Ice
•12+ Flavors
•1.7 ohm Coil
•850mah Built in battery
•Aprox- 2000 Puffs
•Includes(1) Individually Wrapped Device
•Zero Maintenance Required
•Waterproof and Sealed
•Anti-Lake 6ml tank
•50 ml/5% volume


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